Lime Plastering in Suffolk & Norfolk

Lime plasters have been around for thousands of years, and where widely used up until the 1950's, where the ease and readily available modern plasters became more common. 

Lime plasters and renders are still important today, especially in traditional and vernacular buildings (please note that this isn't limited to listed buildings, there are a number of buildings where lime plaster mixes are relevant, that aren't listed buildings)  this is because lime plaster allows buildings to "breathe" which is important in the regulation of moisture and the prevention of damp. 

There are many different takes and variables on lime plaster and render, but the important thing is that no cement is added, as this prevents the lime from doing what it needs to do. 

Our highly skilled plasterers are well versed in the use of Lime plaster and render, and are able to use ready made lime mixes from reputable conservation building material suppliers, as well as being able to mix our own renders for lime rendering purposes. 

If you have a traditionally built property in Suffolk or Norfolk, be it timber framed, clay lump or brick or flint built, rest assured our highly skilled lime plastering craftsmen have you in safe hands.